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About Us


Precious Images is a mobile 3D ultrasound business, bringing 3D ultrasounds to you. Our business is focused on bringing you the most convenient, affordable and best bonding experience possible. As a mother of 3, I know how amazing, magical, stressful, and long a pregnancy can be. Through 3D ultrasound technology, soon to be parent or parents can begin to bond with their baby early; seeing little movements and yawns your baby makes while in utero is an absolute phenomenal thing.  


Our company is not only based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, but we are mobile in that we can bring our equipment, knowledge and expertise to you. We have the latest technology and as a result we are able to bring the live image of your baby onto your home television.  As a mobile company we look forward to offering this exciting 3D service to residents of Grande Prairie and the Peace Region.