Frequently  Asked  Questions



What form of payment do you take?

At the session I can take debit, credit, cash and email transfer.


Do I need to have a full bladder?

No. One of the wonderful things about having a 3D ultrasound is that there is no need to have a full or uncomfortable bladder.


Do I have to find out the gender?

Not at all.  I will always ask before we begin.  If you don't want to know, we will ensure it remains a secret.  I won't even look!!


If I decide while the ultrasound session is in progress, to find out the baby's gender, am I still able to?

No. It is so tempting when it is so accessible, to change your mind and want to find out.  Once you know, you can't un-know! I don't want anyone having regrets.  If you change your mind and decide you want to find out, we can wait a day or two, to make sure it is what you want.  You can come back(free of charge) and find out the gender if it is still what you want after giving it more consideration. 


When is the best time to find out the gender of my baby?

Gender determination is done around 15 weeks.  If we are unable to determine the gender of your baby at your appointment, we will re-schedule at no cost to you.


How long do the ultrasounds take?

The length of the ultrasound depends on the package you choose, the position of your baby, and whether or not baby is camera shy. I always book 2 hours per session so that if baby needs to move or turn, we will have time without being rushed.  It is important to me that everyone gets the time they deserve without being rushed.


What exactly is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound (sometimes called a sonogram), is a non-invasive test that uses sound waves to create images of internal organs(or in this case baby).  The sonographer uses a hand-held device to transmit sounds waves through your uterus that echo off your baby.  A computer then translates the echoing sounds into video images that reveal your babies shape, position, and movements.  The series of television-monitor images is called a sonogram.  The words ultrasound and sonogram are often used interchangeably.


What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound?

A 2D ultrasound image provides a black and white photo which is more skeletal looking.  A 3D ultrasound takes 2D pictures (slices) at different depths which are processed to produce a full 3D image.  4D ultrasound adds the element of time to the 3D imaging creating a movie and making it possible to watch baby kicking and moving as it is happening.  3D is the images(pictures) you get with your session. 4D is the video and what you see during your session.


When is the best time to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done?

Clear and realistic pictures are captured throughout the pregnancy.  The best time to do an ultrasound depends on what you are looking for. Gender can be determined around 15 weeks. Earlier on baby is small, but moves around a lot and are so fun to watch! Between 25 and 32 weeks we are more likely to capture the best facial features and and detail, and they are still small enough to move around quite a bit typically.  Later on we are able to see more details in babies face and baby usually has quite a bit of chunk on it, but tend to move less, and are sometimes harder to get good images.  However, the pictures are so cute!  If you plan on only having one 3D ultrasound session, we would recommend having the session performed between 25 and 32 weeks.  This way the baby is more developed, and will look very similar to how they will look when they are born.  Many women choose to have two or more to see their baby at various stages.  


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the visit?

To help get the best images of your baby, make sure you stay well hydrated 2-3 days before your scan.  You know your baby, and what gets it kicking and moving the most.  Try something sweet (juice, or chocolate) a few minutes before your appointment to encourage the most action(if you do it too early, baby can become active too early and fall asleep for the appointment).  Make sure you are comfortable, and we can easily access to your belly. We typically use the couch for the session.  We will also need a towel to clean up goop(technical term) once we are done.


Are twins twice the cost?

No. Twins are double the trouble, double the fun, and double the stuff!  In this case though, you are not required to pay any additional fees.  However, if you decide you want more time added to your scan, that is an option.


Are there any risks to me or my baby?

Ultrasounds have been used safely since the 1950s. There have been no confirmed adverse biological effects to mothers or their babies caused by exposure from ultrasound instruments.  Routine scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout North America.  In 3D/4D scanning, exactly the same type, frequency, power and intensity of sound waves is used as is used with 2D scanning.


Does this take the place of the ultrasound my doctor orders?

No.  Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Precious Images MUST be receiving treatment with a healthcare provider for prenatal care. You will still need to receive your diagnostic ultrasound if you during your pregnancy if you haven't already.


Do I need a referral or note from my doctor to receive a 3D/4D ultrasound?

As this is an elective prenatal ultrasound for entertainment purposes only, we do not require a note from your doctor.