At 20 weeks your baby is approximately 6.5 inches long from crown to rump, and about 10.5 inches from head to heel, and weighs approximately 10.5 ounces(about the length of a large banana). (For the first 20 weeks measurements are taken from the "crown to rump". After 20 weeks measurements are taken from the “head to toe”.)

Your little one is still working hard on its sucking reflexes and may even suck its thumb if the hand drifts close to its face.Your baby is swallowing more now which is good practice for digestion. It is also producing meconium, a black sticky by-product of digestion. The meconium will accumulate during pregnancy and you will see it in the baby's first dirty diaper. Also, if you feel a rhythmic jerking it is more likely to be hiccups than a kick. If you didn't start feeling your baby-to-be's punches and kicks last week, you may this week, but it could take a little longer. If you're carrying a girl, your baby's uterus is fully formed this week and the vaginal canal is starting its development. Your little girl also has primitive eggs in tiny ovaries now, seven million of them. By birth, that number will be down to two million. If your fetus is a boy, the testicles have begun their descent this week, though they're still in the abdomen waiting for the scrotum to finish growing so they'll have a place to go in a few weeks.

Note: Every baby develops a little differently — even in the womb. This information is to give you a general idea of your baby's size.
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